About us

We are an anarchist anti-nation which intends to live in and with Marie Byrd land in Antartica. We seek to create a home for all LGBTQIA2+ people, so we may be free from the repressive and/or dangerous places we live. LGBTQIA2+ allies are welcome provided that they contribute to a community of love and mutual respect.

Our goals

We seek to raise funds which will go towards creating a safe, warm place to live year-round in Marie Byrd land. If we are able to accomplish this, we further intend to establish a mutual aid fund which will be used to transport queer and trans people in need of a home to our community.


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Is Apollonia Plausible?

In short, the answer is yes, it does seem plausible, but that is not to imply it will be easy. Can we legally create our own base in Antarctica? Going off of historic precedent, yes. In 1987, Greenpeace, a non-governmental organization, built World Park Base with the intention of preserving the unique Antarctic environment. Here is a Greenpeace article explaining the highlights of their mission, and here is an article going into significant detail about how they did it.
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Marie Byrd Land

Marie Byrd Land is a wedge of land in Antarctica, which is currently unclaimed by any country, and due to the nature of the Antarctic Treaty System, it cannot be claimed by a country. It should be noted that no one can be sure what will happen when the mining ban comes up for review. Due to the harsh and unforgiving nature of the land, living here will not be for the faint of heart, but those who are willing to live in those conditions are welcome with us.
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